ChoiceNet: Robust Learning by Revealing Output Correlations

arXiv (2018)


In this paper, we focus on the supervised learning problem with corrupted training data. We assume that the training dataset is generated from a mixture of a target distribution and other unknown distributions. We estimate the quality of each data by revealing the correlation between the generated distribution and the target distribution. To this end, we present a novel framework referred to here as ChoiceNet that can robustly infer the target distribution in the presence of inconsistent data. We demonstrate that the proposed framework is applicable to both classification and regression tasks. ChoiceNet is evaluated in comprehensive experiments, where we show that it constantly outperforms existing baseline methods in the handling of noisy data. Particularly, ChoiceNet is successfully applied to autonomous driving tasks where it learns a safe driving policy from a dataset with mixed qualities. In the classification task, we apply the proposed method to the MNIST and CIFAR-10 datasets and it shows superior performances in terms of robustness to noisy labels.


최성준(카카오브레인/Disney Research), 홍상훈 (카카오브레인), 이경재 (서울대학교), 임성빈 (카카오브레인)


core ML/DL

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